Cowbells and Culture. Why we ring the bell.

We have brought back the sweet sound of the cowbell. For those that sit near it, we apologize for the excess noise it brings to our open desk floor plan. But in actuality we are #SorryNotSorry. Why are we not sorry? Every time it rings, it means more opportunity is generated for the business. Opportunity in two forms: 1) Deals for the company and 2) Positive reinforcement for the sales and marketing culture.

As I prepare for an upcoming trip where I’ll be speaking about Smarketing, I am reminded how the magic really does happen when the marketing and sales organizations align. Hearing that cow bell ring, tells the broader business the two teams are becoming one and joint efforts are paying off. Self-doubt can sink in very quickly when prospecting results do not arrive quickly – whether you are a marketer or a seller. Countless hours are invested in marketing programs designed to generate pipeline. Multiple outreach efforts, loads of rejection, mountains of no responses….can all lead to self-doubt. But those that choose to persevere, succeed. Succeed by growing more pipeline for the business and encouraging one another that each meeting we set, each call we connect with, each social response received gets us that much closer to hitting our goals.

Best-selling author Jon Gordon says it best, “Being positive won’t guarantee you’ll succeed. But being negative will guarantee you won’t.” The next time you hear a cow bell ringing, stand up and give that seller some positive reinforcement – and know the bell helps generate positive energy needed to build confidence levels and create a healthy culture. Positivity is a competitive advantage.

One thought on “Cowbells and Culture. Why we ring the bell.

  1. Ha! Love this! We actually keep a cow bell in my truck because we never know when we’re going to need it! 😉 Love the enforcement of positivity and encouraging one another, the alternative, even in the same company, is competitiveness which ends up being counter-productive. Keep up the good work and inspiration and keep ringing that bell!


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