Smart People Inspire Me. But can infographics inspire?

Fact: infographics are on my mind.  Talking to smart, confident people inspires me.  Let me clarify: I define smart people as subject matter experts that understand confidence is arrogance under control (thank you Walter Bonds).  They are such a joy to speak with and learn from.  When I start a new project I like to reach out to my smart people and get their 2 cents.

When I started researching the “punch” infographics add to a marketing asset I found my smart people had varying opinions.  Several shared they felt infographics are best used when serving up powerful statistics. Others felt good digital storytelling (cool name I love for infographic), with heavy pictorial elements, can really pack a punch.  One thing is for sure, well-made infographics are 30 times more likely to get read than text (Source).

Historically, I have only created infographics that hone in on 3-4 points that show statistical data supporting each point.  But to be honest, mine have had minimal clicks and views. When I spoke to social media smart people, I was told a mistake I made was not taking that infographic and making 2-3 social grams out of it.  Social grams are more — you guessed it — social media friendly, even easier to digest and share than a traditional infographic.  I’m currently taking a stab at storytelling infographics that are still easy to digest but have relevant imagery to drive home specific point(s).  In addition, I have added a few social grams into the production mix to see if that helps the asset perform better.

My friends over at The Dialog Lab are helping me on this latest project and convinced me to give social grams a go!  So as my son says, “green means go” — I am going for it!

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