Adele, Walker, and Achievers

Here I sit on a plane – delayed, blaring to a mix of Adele and Walker Hayes from my air pods (ok, maybe a little Tom Petty I won’t back down, too). I mean, if a little “Hello” and “Fancy Like” doesn’t keep your spirits up during travel woes, what would?

Earlier this week I heard a podcast where Adele was speaking about the difficult decision to postpone her Vegas show earlier this year.  It caught my attention as Nick and I were visiting the strip that January weekend and fans were horrified over the cancellation.  Apparently, she cancelled it suddenly and many had flown across the country only to learn, upon arrival to sin city – the show was cancelled.  She was nervous about COVID and we shrugged our shoulders and said – you’ve got to keep moving but to each their own.  I went on to my tradeshow and Nick traveled back.  When I returned home, I brought the dreaded ‘rona home, so Adele was likely spot on to cancel. 

If you haven’t caught my youngest belting out Walker Hayes’ Fancy Like – you are missing out.  He’s a fan.  We all are.  Who doesn’t love a good underdog story.  And Mr. Hayes has a solid one.  From alcoholism and atheism, he admits to hitting rock bottom.  Fast-forward to meeting his now co-author – can’t recall his name, but he is a man of faith, and they are now best friends, wrote a book, and bought houses next to each other for their families to enjoy time together.  The positive hits keep coming, we certainly enjoy his story and music.

I would consider Adele and Walker both Achievers.

What does it mean to be an Achiever?  I was reading a Forbes article that described high achievers as those sharing the same four attributes: an intrinsic motivation, perseverance, a strong foundation, and constantly being open to learning, especially through informal means.  The article went on to mention how achievers surround themselves with people who believe in them more than they believe in themselves.  This tells me they have a strong cheering section filled with raving fans.  Achievers are not just A-player athletes and talented singing artists – but also motivated people doing exceptional work.  They are also not procrastinators, according to another article I read.  I tend to agree with this.  Planning not procrastinating = achievers.

Some of the things we must do to meet our goals or achieve our dreams are not very easy, but high achievers are able to focus on what needs to get done and do it instead of living in a world of dreams. They have a plan, and they follow it from start to finish. 

I like to think I get my “achievement” gene from both of my parents PLUS watching my competitive, smart brother and lead-by-example, hard-working sister.  All four carry the perseverance and strong foundation traits required to be known as achievers. 

My super-power achiever trait has got to be open to learning.  I’m a slow learner believe it or not.  But a quick implementer – once I get it, look out….I will start and I will finish (unless it is doing laundry, just ask Nick). 

Ava joined me on a photoshoot recently where I needed a new professional headshot for a cover story.  Yes, my very first cover story.  The talented Wendy Hernandez took pictures and captured a special one of Ava helping me prep.  Ava and I talked about what she wanted to do when she grows up.  A horse rider trainer and POTUS.  I was blown away.  Proud.  What an answer, with zero prompting from me. I paused for a moment to relish in her determination and drive.  Inspired! She is an Achiever. So are her two brothers. Proud of these kiddos and can’t wait to watch all they have, yet, to achieve.

According to The Women Achiever – I am a passionate leader who never stops building things.  Humbled.  Even more humbled and proud to hear how the editor captured my story.  A story that began as a little girl watching her parents start a “construction” business.  Little did she know how impactful the blue-collar roots would be to her as an adult.  Enjoy the article if you have 3 minutes.         


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